During all negotiations and activities the focus is on our clients and suppliers

  Within the network we are good, reliable partners who are fair, loyal, advising, cooperative and competent.

  We fulfil our obligations, are innovative and offer solutions.

  We maintain and develop our partnerships with important players in the waste disposal and energy sectors.

  We are a competent partner that offers custom, essential solutions to conserve CO2.

  We recognise client needs and use this as a basis to map a specific benefit and market function.

Use our strength to your advantage.

Our USP has its basis in cross-cutting networking that extends across the whole of the bio energy market. The business model adopted by CH Oleochemicals is rooted in a three-pillar strategy. Sustainable pure plant-based products offering a high degree of CO2 reduction potential are distributed in a fully integrated way within the biodiesel industry and across into the related industrial chemicals sector.

We see our function on the market as processing business in a rapid and flexible way with as little red tape as possible. We also aspire to provide excellent product guidance and high quality logistics services. The primary objective of all our activities is to drive CO2 reduction by deploying products, waste flows and residual materials which offer high potential savings in this area.

  Corporate brochure

“Everything we do is in pursuit of a single objective – CO2 reduction!”

Wir informieren Sie über aktuelle Markttrends, haben die Preisentwicklungen im Blick und bieten Ihnen anwendungsspezifische Produktberatungen.


  Information on general policy and statutory conditions

  Developments in the Renewable Energy Directive/RED at a German and European level

  Current market trends

  Overview of price developments

  Application-specific product quality guidance

Industrieübergreifende Marktintegration, sowie die komplette Vernetzung innerhalb der gesamten Wertschöpfungskette gehören zu unserem Konzept.


  Cross-industry market integration

  Full networking within the whole of the value-added chain

  Raw material delivery and product removal

  Sale of CO₂ reduction

Integrierte Abwicklung von Transporten im In-and-Out-Business, sowie Gefahrgut- GGVS, Abfall-, Koscher- und GMP+ Transporte.


  Integrated processing of transports in the in-and-out business

  Same-day order and transport availability

  Hazardous materials (GGVS), waste, kosher and GMP+ transports

Profitieren Sie von unserer 35jährigen internationalen Vertriebserfahrung und unserer kunden- und lieferantenorientierte Auftragsabwicklung.

Sales and distribution

  Global procurement and sales activities

  Security of supply thanks to full integration within the  oleochemical industry

  Sales and distribution via the implementation of USP’s

  An order processing approach that puts customers and suppliers first

  35 years of experience in international sales and distribution

Certified quality.

The definition of corporate goals and the alignment of company activities to the reduction of CO₂ emissions for the purpose of protecting our environment represent the gauge by which CH Oleochemicals GmbH seeks to measure itself. Enhancement of work processes within the departments and cross-cutting networking of sequences constitute an important element for structured management.

Certification of these procedures helps protect resources and thus minimise CO₂ emissions. The quality of the products we distribute and sell is the number one priority for CH Oleochemicals GmbH and its customers. We have Ecostep certification in place to ensure this commitment. Our sustainable residual and waste materials are also covered by the REDCert scheme, a system developed by leading associations and organisations in the German agricultural and biofuels sector, and all individual feedstuffs comply with the QS Standard.

“Quality is when the customer comes back, not the product.”

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